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Do Your Customers Trust You?
Business Reputation is Built on Trust

The Internet and financial ecosystems are being redesigned as we speak, emerging technologies such as blockchain, IoT devices, and AI are changing the global ecosystem.

If you want to learn how you can use emerging technology to...

Create Trust Amongst Your Network

Blockchain is a record-keeping, trust-building technology that given rise to a new platform for business relationships.

Streamline Systems and Processes

Blockchain can automate workflows creating efficent systems improving productivity.

Reduce Operational Costs

Blockchain can reduce costs through disintermediation by eliminating third parties by automating transactions using smart contracts.

Protect Your Reputation

Blockchain reputation systems ensure both peer-to-peer human- as well as machine -ecosystems can withstand bad actors, using blockchain as a sustainable strategic advantage.

Up-skill for the Digital Economy 

Technology for business is evolving, develop market-driven skills in, smart contracts, blockchain & more. Up-skilling in blockchain can help you with creating econonmic security. 

Create a Business in the Metaverse

The metaverse ecosystem is growing rapidly, which is creating innovative business models. Learn the critical foundations needed to build a blockchain based business model for the digital world.

Then it's critical for you to complete the blockchain for business course

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Meet Curtis one of the Blockchain Accredited Trainers 

Senior Blockchain Instructor Curtis tells us about the untapped career opportunities in the Blockchain space.

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4 x Live Virtual Instructor-led sessions

10 x hours recorded self-study learning and research 

Exculsive business networking community  

Certification of completion  

Unlimted email support assessment submissions

12 weeks unlimited access to the LMS and Trainers

Accredited Blockchain Trainer and Assessors 

Exclusive Consultation with Trainer 

*Access: 3-Months unrestricted access to the learning management system and course resources.

Who are you Learning from 

She’s blockchain Savvy founded by Danielle Marie, who is a certified trainer and assessor, crypto enthusiast, and passionate about educating and empowering forward-thinking people about blockchain technology.

Danielle has been a coach for over 15 years and now wants to help people understand this new and exciting technology. She's Blockchain Savvy has partnered with Blockchain Collective to provide you with trusted sources of knowledge. Danielle is the founder of a non-profit association "ALL THINGS BLOCKCHAIN" and Key organizer of Women in Blockchain Queensland is on a mission to elevate, empower, and educate individuals to be involved in the emerging and disruptive world of digital technology.
Blockchain Collective is the leading blockchain education provider that launched the First Nationally recognized Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain 10747NAT, and creator of the blockchain for a business intensive short course. 

This government-accredited qualification provides a reliable framework for graduates to become industry experts and blockchain professionals.  Blockchain Collective has now partnered with She's Blockchain Savvy to provide intensive short for blockchain for a business course to help you gain the blockchain certifications to become an expert in this fast-growing industry.

Blockchain solutions are being developed and implemented globally. Are you in any of the following industries?


Blockchain can streamline banking and lending services, reducing counterparty risk, and decreasing issuance and settlement times. It allows: Authenticated documentation and KYC/AML data, reducing operational risks and enabling real-time verification of financial documents.

Supply chain

Blockchain can enable more transparent and accurate end-to-end tracking in the supply chain: Organizations can digitize physical assets and create a decentralized immutable record of all transactions, making it possible to track assets from production to delivery or use by end-user. 


Blockchain can serve a unique role in preventing government corruption. Its technology offers a singular combination of permanent and tamper-evident record keeping, real-time transaction transparency and auditability, and automated smart contract functionality. 

Real estate

Blockchain technology has recently been adopted and adapted for use by the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. Blockchain technology can potentially transform core CRE operations such as property transactions like purchase, sale, financing, leasing, and management transactions.


Blockchain can transform health care, placing the patient at the center of the health care ecosystem and increasing the security, privacy, and interoperability of health data


Blockchain solutions can address many important industry challenges such as food tracking, food quality and safety, monitoring and weather forecasting


Blockchain technology transforms record-keeping of certificates and student credentials in learning institutions and can help empower students by providing them control over their educational records.


A blockchain based solution that records and executes agreements and monetary transactions to enable vehicle owners (individuals) to monetise trips. This solution would interconnect smart and/or autonomous vehicles, car-sharing providers and the end-users in a secure and reliable manner.

All of these industries will be impacted by emerging technologies such as blockchain, IoT and AI.

Learn how you can future proof your business with web 3.0.

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What you learn in the 

Blockchain for Business course?

We designed and tested our course material, in collaboration with innovative Australian blockchain companies, to help identify pain points and best practices when applying blockchain concepts.

Module 1

Introduction to Applied Blockchain Terminology

This introductory module covers the fundamental terminology of blockchain as well as concepts in a fast-paced recorded session.

  • Fundamental Blockchain Terminology and Concepts
  • Learn how to navigate the emerging landscape
  • Discover the fundamentals of blockchain

Module 2

Fundamentals of Applied Blockchain Concepts

Learn the fundamental tenets and concepts that underpin blockchain technology. What makes blockchain so powerful. This module will serve as a precursor to the rest of the course.

  • Fundamentals of Applied Blockchain Concepts
  • Disrupting Value Exchange
  • Assessments

Module 3

Applied Blockchain Business Model Development

The student will be guided through the 9 essential components of the business model and how a blockchain idea takes shape inside the business model canvas.

  • Business Model Generation
  • Using Blockchain to Create Value
  • Business Model Canvas
  • UBER Business Model Mapping Document
  • Building a Business Model for Blockchain

Module 4

Functional / Non-Functional Requirements Scope

This module is the second Instructor-Led session where you will learn role roles of functional and non-functional specifications, how to scope a project and identify the relationship between that and the Business model canvas.

  • Functional Requirement Specifications
  • Functional/ Non-Requirement Specifications
  • Functional Requirement Matrix

Module 5

Utilize Smart Contracts on the Blockchain

This module is the third Instructor-Led session where you will learn the function of a smart contract. We will explore a case-studies of smart contracts deployment as well as delve into disintermediation and how it affects process flows.

  • Activating Smart Contracts on the Blockchain
  • Smart Contracts Simply Described
  • Utilizing Smart Contracts on Blockchain
  • Smart Contract Workflow

Module 6

Blockchain Framework Operations Strategy

This module is the fourth Instructor-Led session where we explore the operational framework strategy for a blockchain project. This module focuses attention on the necessary components of the project from choosing the underlying blockchain platform to identifying the technical/human resource requirements, project costings and ROI.

  • Blockchain Framework Operations Strategy
  • Network User Matrix

Module 7

Systems Interoperability Framework Analysis

This module is the fifth Instructor-Led session where we explore the system's interoperability to ensure smooth transition / integration from the legacy system and what components to be aware of.

  • Systems Interoperability Framework
  • Assessment tasks

Module 7

Systems Interoperability Framework Analysis

This module is the fifth Instructor-Led session where we explore the system's interoperability to ensure smooth transition/integration from the legacy system and what components to be aware of.

  • Systems Interoperability Framework
  • Assessment tasks

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Course Technical? Do I Need to Know How to Code?

Our courses are non-technical. They focus on the strategic planning of implementing blockchain-based solutions and the management of blockchain operations. No technical coding skills are required.

We are teaching you how to apply blockchain to business models not how to build the blockchains.

What is the Delivery method and Course Duration?

The Instructor-led blockchain for business course is composed of 7 self-study video modules and 4 live Instructor-led live training sessions. Each of the modules have assessments that must be completed to obtain your certification of completion. 

This program includes a user-friendly learning management system (LMS)* that hosts all of the learning resources, videos and learner guides.

What will I learn

The course is pragmatic and designed around a project-based assessment task. The learning materials and resources are structured formatively to establish strong foundational knowledge and progressively layer a deeper understanding of Blockchain technology, you will learn:

  • Introduction to Applied Blockchain Terminology
  • Fundamentals of Applied Blockchain Concepts
  • Applied Blockchain Business Plan Development
  • Functional / Non-Functional Requirements Scope
  • Utilise Smart Contracts on the Blockchain
  • Blockchain Framework Operations Strategy
  • Systems(s) Interoperability Framework Analysis

What sets this course apart from others?

What sets this course apart?

Blockchain Collective is the leading accredited Blockchain, education provider. The contents of this course and its assessments are aligned with components of the ASQA accredited course. Training is conducted by a fully Qualified blockchain Trainers who have met or exceeded measurable benchmark standards.

Additionally, the course is designed to provide a preview into the world of Applied blockchain and a glimpse into the accredited course, with assessment tasks of this course aligning with the Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain. This gives participants a practical advantage when continuing their studies into either of the Diploma or Advanced Diploma Qualifications.

Who are the Instructors?

The blockchain for business hosted by one of Blockchain Collective’s qualified Blockchain Trainers. Each trainer has completed all 10 units of the Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain, holds a Vocational Training and Assessor Qualification and has been selected for their ability to communicate, maintain high standards and extensive experience in business and consulting.

Why Study Blockchain?

Blockchain, as an emerging technologies industry, is experiencing rapid growth. AI, IoT and Big Data, when integrated with blockchain creates entirely new opportunities and allows people to reimagine business from the ground up. Gaining career-level skills in blockchain will position you well to take advantage of the digital transformation that is happening across the world. McKinsey Global Institute predicts 800 million jobs will be lost by 2030 as technology advances and the world gets more and more automated.

Do I get a Certification

You will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by Blockchain Collective upon completion of the intensive program and assessment tasks.

Blockchain Collective are our education partners who have developed and created the diploma and advanced diplom of applied blockchain.

What Industries are Using Blockchain?

Distributed ledger technology can is being used across a wide range of industries such as:

Fintech, Supply chain, Finance, Agriculture, Health care, Governments, Entertainment, Real estate, Travel, E-commerce, Insurance, Legal, Digital Identity, and Many More.

What is the Cost?

The blockchain for business course is only an investment of $2495 USD.

What is Blockchain

Blockchain is a distributed digital ledger technology, records stored on the blockchain are immutable which provide transparency and trust in the network. This rapidly growing emerging technology is changing the way we do business. To learn more watch this video

She's Blockchain Savvy

The mission to Elevate, Empower and Educate in the emerging and disruptive world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.